How Ars Technica’s tech-savvy staffers conduct happy hours in locked-down 2020: Author – Sam Machkovech

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Artist's approximation of Security Editor Dan Goodin's Zoom calls with other infosec pros.

Enlarge / Artist’s approximation of Security Editor Dan Goodin’s Zoom calls with other infosec pros. (credit: Getty Images / Aurich Lawson)

As the United States settles into Labor Day weekend, we hope you’re finding ways to celebrate—or, more crucially, to carve out something that resembles a “vacation” when travel and holiday options have become more limited. With that in mind, I polled my Ars colleagues with a vacation-minded question: How do you put the “happy” into “happy hour” in a socially distanced universe?

Unsurprisingly, many of the answers hinge on technology, though not all of them. If you’ve been struggling to socialize or break out of a 2020 rut, we hope our suggestions inspire you, though we’d also love to see your own suggestions in the comments section below.

Life updates between bets

In the before time, I was part of a semi-weekly poker night with friends from graduate school. Once the pandemic hit, we moved poker night online. We used Zoom for video chat, but we actually had a tough time finding good online poker software.

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