Iran state hackers caught with their pants down in intercepted videos: Author – Dan Goodin

Ars Technica

The flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Enlarge / The flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iranian state hackers got caught with their pants down recently when researchers uncovered more than 40GB of data, including training videos showing how operatives hack adversaries’ online accounts and then cover their tracks.

The operatives belonged to ITG18, a hacking group that overlaps with another outfit alternatively known as Charming Kitten and Phosphorous, which researchers believe also works on behalf of the Iranian government. The affiliation has long targeted US presidential campaigns and US government officials. In recent weeks, ITG18 has also targeted pharmaceutical companies. Researchers generally consider it a determined and persistent group that invests heavily in new tools and infrastructure.

In May, IBM’s X-Force IRIS security team obtained the 40GB cache of data as it was being uploaded to a server that hosted multiple domains known to be used earlier this year by ITG18. The most telling contents were training videos that captured the group’s tactics, techniques, and procedures as group members performed real hacks on email and social media accounts belonging to adversaries.

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