Jeff Bezos to leave Amazon CEO post after 27 years, become executive chair: Author – Jon Brodkin

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Jeff Bezos bows to a crowd

Enlarge / Jeff Bezos greets a crowd at Amazon’s Smbhav event in New Delhi on January 15, 2020. (credit: Getty Images)

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and Elon Musk’s perpetual rival in the seesaw “world’s richest man” contest, today announced he is leaving the CEO post of the Internet giant he has led since 1994.

Bezos will switch from the CEO spot to Amazon’s executive chairmanship in Q3 of this year, he told his “fellow Amazonians” in a staff email posted on Amazon’s website. Bezos’ replacement as CEO will be Andy Jassy, a key player in Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud-computing division.

“This journey began some 27 years ago,” Bezos wrote. “Amazon was only an idea, and it had no name. The question I was asked most frequently at that time was, ‘What’s the Internet?’ Blessedly, I haven’t had to explain that in a long while.”

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