Modded Game Boy looks like an Apple product, works as Apple TV Remote: Author – Samuel Axon

Ars Technica

A tech DIY YouTuber named Otto Climan worked with Retro Modding to make a beautiful, classic Apple-style Game Boy Color with an updated screen and the ability to work as an Apple TV remote.

There’s no overstating the love-it/hate-it relationship consumers and tech enthusiasts have with Apple’s touchpad-based remote for the Apple TV and Apple TV 4K. Many people consider it practically unusable, and articles or videos about the Apple TV 4K often get multiple comments stating “but that remote, though.” Plus, many users say it’s so small that it’s far too easy to lose.

(Full disclosure: when I reviewed the Apple TV 4K, I actually liked the remote. I think it’s much easier to scroll through content with than alternatives from Roku and others. But I didn’t speak for all of Ars in that, to say the least, and the general consensus in comment threads and Internet forums everywhere seems to be “thumbs down.”)

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