Rocket Report: South Korea’s SpaceX dilemma, Rocket Lab finds a quick fix: Author – Eric Berger

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Breathtaking seaside cliff.

Enlarge / An overview of Astra’s picturesque launch site for Rocket 3.1. (credit: John Kraus for Astra)

Welcome to Edition 3.11 of the Rocket Report! A lot of the most interesting news this week came in the world of small launch, with Electron announcing a quick return to flight as well as boosting the capacity of its Electron booster. We were also surprised to see such a robust fundraising effort by ABL Space Systems.

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Astra attempts launch of second orbital rocket. The launch window for launching Rocket 3.1 from the company’s spaceport on Kodiak Island, Alaska, opened Sunday night. A combination of technical issues with the rocket and ground systems, as well as weather issues, precluded launches on Sunday through Wednesday.

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