Today, Apple made changes to its app review process to save face with devs: Author – Samuel Axon

Ars Technica

As promised back in July, Apple has today made some notable changes to the app review and feedback process used by developers of apps for the tech giant’s operating systems.

Apple posted a message today to one of its developer portals saying that, moving forward, its app review team will no longer hold up important bug-fix updates to already-published apps when those apps are locked up in a dispute over guidelines unrelated to the bug fix. However, “You’ll instead be able to address guideline violations in your next submission.”

The impetus for this change appears to have been the public fight between storied app developer Basecamp and Apple over Basecamp’s recently launched email app Hey. Basecamp claimed then that Apple held up an important bug-fix update amidst a back-and-forth between the two companies over how the way Hey handled in-app purchases.

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