Update on Home Working from DataFort

We’ve had a lot of requests from customers who need to be set up quickly with a way for everyone to securely work from home. Here are 4 simple tips to keep in mind while you are putting measures in place to keep your employees safe during this difficult period.

1. Simple. This means easy to set up and maintain. Remember, the office may be empty for a long time and there may be nobody there to flip the on/off switch or reset that router, so try to limit the number of ‘moving parts’. 

2. Don’t be a target. This is just the time opportunistic criminals will be looking for companies that are lax with their security as they scramble to bring remote access online quickly. We would strongly advise against using agent based solutions (like logmein). An agent on your computer means that your entire system is wide open to any employee of that company or criminals who hack their infrastructure to take advantage of the opportunities presented during times of stress. Keep it secure.

3. Speed. Remember, remote workers will all be accessing company resources through one internet connection. Try. wherever possible, to use applications running on the computer or laptop in your home and not via screen share. Use remote access and screen sharing only when there is no other choice to help reduce the strain on company bandwidth.

4. Protect the perimeter.  Work with home working solutions designed to keep intruders out of your network. We route all home working access through an array of  high security firewalls built to identify malicious access attempts and targeted Denial of Service (DDoS) hacks against our customer’s businesses.

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